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hypHere at Samantha Hypnotherapy I like to offer my clients the optimum experience something that all my past and current clients would agree on.

A few years ago I started to offer my clients a recording of each individual session to listen to at home but only up to 3 times before our next session. This worked, not only were clients getting better and faster by having less sessions but it also meant that should they need a boost of confidence (or whatever we working on at the time) in a year or so they could just listen to my recording and not spend more money by booking another session with me.

This also worked well for me too, not only did I see faster results, receive amazing feedback but it also meant that client’s didn’t have to wait on a waiting list.

All of my clients have said they love being able to listen to me at home in their own surroundings. Initially I had a couple of clients who were sceptical of this method and chose not to listen in the first week but after following my advice saw the huge difference it made when they started to listen the following week. It really is about building the layers up each time you listen to achieve the best results.

I have a lovely example to explain how this works….

A gentleman came to see me as he was really struggling with being anxious and lacking confidence. He had told me that he had failed a few physical and practical exams which were paramount to keep him in his job. *After just one session with me he felt fabulous immediately and on leaving the clinic gave me such a huge hug lifting me off my feet. Obviously this is very rare but by having this recording to listen to at home before the big exams it helped him immensely. In fact, I received 2 lovely texts in the weeks to come stating that he had passed both exams, such fabulous results.

Imagine what I could do for you 🙂


Please note results may vary from person to person. Some clients may need more or less sessions than others.

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