Hypnotherapy for Infertility/IVF in Maidstone Kent

*I have successfully helped many clients over the years to become pregnant. When trying for a baby stress is one of the biggest obstacles to success.  Stress and anxiety can actually affect your whole body including your reproductive system.  Sadly suffering with stress can supress your ovulation.

Sometimes no matter how well your timing is, negative thoughts can prevent you from conceiving. *Whatever your reason hypnotherapy can help.

There are sometimes medical reasons for being unable to conceive, this isn’t always the case as often medical professionals just don’t have the answers as to why.  They tend to suggest fertility treatments that are expensive and don’t always guarantee success.

Negative thinking can also prevent you from becoming pregnant, as your subconscious mind may have fears about pregnancy or birth or perhaps your life experiences are effecting the way you think? Perhaps you are feeling pressurised from family members? Maybe you really don’t feel your relationship is strong enough?

So how can hypnotherapy help me?

It is most likely that you are suffering with subconscious blocks, most of which I have mentioned above – these things are likely to be preventing you from becoming pregnant.

By coming to see me for treatment I would work on getting you mentally and emotionally ready to conceive. By working on your unconscious mind you would no longer feel anxious about your next attempt.  *Hypnosis is a way of getting into your subconscious mind to make it easier to conceive.

Even if you are having IVF treatment I can help support your treatment with hypnotherapy.

* Hypnotherapy cannot guarantee that you will be successful but it can increase and maximise your chances of getting pregnant.

*Please note results may vary from person to person. Some clients may need more or less sessions than others.

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